Vizio Smart Tv Manual

Media players such as Google Chromecast is a simple and inexpensive solution that helps extend the TV functions. The only drawback of such devices can be considered that they occupy HDMI- and USB-ports. To solve this problem came from Vizio company. It has equipped its new 4K-TV kind of analogue Chromecast. streaming signal source in this case is a compact 6-inch tablet that comes with a TV and can be used as a remote control.

TV line of P-Series Ultra HD support all major technologies, including High Dynamic Range and Dolby Vision. The price of new TVs from Vizio will start with a mark of $ 999.99. For the money, users can purchase a model with a diagonal of 50 inches.

As mentioned above, the bundle includes a 6-inch tablet. It has a display with a resolution of Full HD, eight-processor and runs on the Android operating system. Use the device can run for various streaming content or TV remote control.

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